Dreamcatcher Energized Fans at First Ever Concert in Canada

North American InSomnia did not have to wait long for their beloved group to return with yet another tour in North America. On September 3rd, Dreamcatcher kicked off their Apocalypse: From Us tour with their first stop in Montreal. Fans were lined up for hours prior to the show outside of Montreal’s famous Place Des Arts. All along the streets, fans could be seen holding lightsticks, while sporting gothic inspired clothing and the iconic Dreamcatcher robes. As the first stop of the tour and their debut performance in Canada, anticipation was high for the show.

Rather than opening with one of their usual intro songs, Dreamcatcher started the show with a VCR for the first time, shocking fans. It featured the members narrating eerie lines in English over cryptic scenes before cutting to their faces, setting the tone for the show and earning cheers from the crowd. Then, the group came out onto the pitch black stage and went straight into one of their most well known songs, “Scream.” Immediately after, the attendees were treated to “Odd Eye,” which was missing from their last tour setlist. While they powered through a slew of thrilling songs, noticeably one crowd favorite was missing. To make up for it during the talking segment, each member took turns performing JiU’s “cool” part in the song and put their own spin on it, showcasing their individual sexy, cute, or badass versions of it.

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Resuming the show, Dreamcatcher performed, “DEMIAN,” a high energy track for which SuA had recently revealed that she completed the accompanying choreography. The crowd was thrilled to see the equally energetic choreography for the first time, along with Dami’s powerful rap lines. The group also showcased the rest of the songs from their recent album, including “Propose,” “To You,” and “BONVOYAGE.” As the group is performing in North America, they decided to perform a couple of their English songs such as the English version of “Tension,” and a new, remixed version of “Can’t Get You Out of My Mind.”

During another break, Dreamcatcher entertained fans with brief dance covers and performances to other artists’ songs. SuA started off with Kai’s “Rover,” followed by Yoohyeon and Dami’s cover of NCT U’s “Baby Don’t Stop.” Stepping out of K-pop for a moment, Handong dropped some jaws with her performance to Camila Cabello’s “Havana.” One cover that had the crowd screaming in delight was JiU and Yoohyeon’s performance of “Monster” by Red Velvet’s Irene and Seulgi. It was something fans saw posted on Dreamcatcher’s YouTube channel, but it was more impactful to see it live. Finishing the segment off, Gahyeon showed off her cute side while dancing to StayC’s “Poppy.”

Now that the crowd’s feet were rested, they let everyone know it was time to stand back up as they went straight back into their own songs. For the first time in years, and to the entire crowd’s immediate excitement, they performed their second and third title tracks, “GOOD NIGHT” and “Fly High.” The anticipation and screams from the crowd were deafening, as their silhouettes executed the iconic dance intro for “GOOD NIGHT.” Another song they brought back to the live stage once more was “Wonderland,” for which they showed the minimal, but alluring choreography in a special clip released in 2018.

The show moved towards its close as the group left to change into their encore outfits, which as always, consisted of their tour merch that had been artistically altered to their individual taste. The encore started off with “REASON,” their recent fan song which got the whole crowd singing along, before concluding with “Silent Night,” a track that always has the crowd jumping without fail. This time Dreamcatcher wouldn’t let the song end. Just when the song seemed to be over, the members would scream, “One more time!” extending the song once more. The night ended with a total of six “encores” for “Silent Night,” leading to some of the members lying on stage to catch their breath. 

Dreamcatcher put on an impressive first performance in Canada, showcasing the full range of their discography, performance skills, and their unique personalities. As the group left the stage, there was a sadness in the air, but also excitement for those who would get to experience the coming stops on the Apocalypse: From Us tour. 

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