PLAVE Becomes the First Virtual Idol Group to Perform at KCON LA 2023

On August 18 and 19, K-pop virtual boy group PLAVE made their first appearance at KCON LA 2023. While the group appeared through a broadcast of pre-recorded videos, fans came to the convention to show their support. 

On KCON Day 1, PLAVE appeared on the Dance All Day Stage to offer a brief workshop to learn the choreography to the chorus of their 2023 single, “Why?” Hamin and Bamby led the workshop and reassured viewers that the choreography was easy enough that even their group’s least skilled dancer, Eunho, could do it.

On KCON Day 2, PLAVE appeared on the KCON Stage to give a more formal introduction to both themselves and their music. Over 4,000 online viewers tuned in to watch the livestream of the special stage. They opened their appearance with a live performance of “Why?” while dressed in their pink and purple-coordinated stage outfits. After they introduced themselves by hair color, the group showed off their individual skills from taekwondo and rap to questionable aegyo, as well as their unique powers like producing fire with a flick of a hand.

PLAVE took a moment to talk about their upcoming comeback on August 24 for their first mini album, “Asterum – The Shape of Things to Come.” Noah explained the title track, “The Sixth Summer,” is a song about the first summer all five members spent together as one, after each experienced five summers separately. To wrap up their special stage, PLAVE performed their debut track, “Wait For You,” in a black version of their stage outfits.

Mai Nguyen

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