SB19 Performed a Sold Out Los Angeles Show on ‘PAGTATAG!’ World Tour

On their second world tour, PAGTATAG!, Filipino boy group SB19 visited the City National Grove of Anaheim on July 29th. Taking place in the middle of the hot SoCal summer, the five members set the quaint venue ablaze with their fierce stage presence and passion for a crowd of excited fans, known as A’TIN. To get the night started, TikTok sensation North Star Boys (NSB) opened the show.

SB19’s discography alone showcases their musical versatility. That coupled with their strong dancing and impressive live vocals had the group’s performance exceeding all expectations. SB19 stepped on the stage donning sparkling white suits of varying styles. They began the show with “GENTO,” a rap-centric dance track, highlighted by Ken’s deep voice. Showing off their stable vocals, synchronized choreography, and relaxed high notes from the get-go, the tone was set for an evening of engaging performances.

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From there, SB19 launched into a segment of slower songs, which showcased their vocal abilities. “Tilaluha,” “ILAW,” and “LIHAM” were just a few tracks from this part of the show, and each member executed each harmony of high and low notes with ease. Not only demonstrating skillful vocal technique, the group also effectively conveyed the emotions and stories behind their lyrics, which had the crowd swaying and singing along to each song. Even members known as rappers — Pablo, Josh, and Ken — were able to shine vocally next to main vocalists Stell and Justin, further proving the group’s versatility. The highlight of this segment was during the last song, “Nyebe.” The song boasts reflective and emotional lyrics about hopelessness and finding hope, and hearing both SB19 and the audience sing together was a moving experience. SB19 and A’TIN created a beautiful harmony that reverberated throughout the venue.

After a quick outfit change, the members returned on stage in streetwear in neon green, black, and red. With the change in outfit, SB19 was also ready to switch up the vibe. They fittingly delivered fast-paced performances of “CRIMZONE” and “Bazinga.” Not before long, the concert moved into solo stages from each member. While the setlist was clearly designed to show off as much of the group’s talent as possible, the quick change into the solo stages left a little to be desired, as the full effect of the high energy party songs was cut short soon after it began.

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Starting off the collection of solo stages was Stell, who put on a breathtaking performance of “Defying Gravity” from the Wicked musical. While the song is a challenging one to perform, it was no trouble for the group’s main vocalist, as he sang with ease in the original female key, and the performance garnered a standing ovation from the whole audience. Josh was next up, showing off his rap and dance with performances of his solo tracks “Get Right” and “Wild Tonight.” Continuing the upbeat momentum, Ken came next with his solo songs “Criminal” and “Stray Dogs.” Switching the vibe up, Justin came next with a soft rendition of One Direction’s “Little Things.” Expressing his gratitude for A’TIN, he finished his solo stage by jumping down from the stage and walking around to greet the crowd close-up. Rounding out the solo stages was Pablo, who performed a heartfelt rendition of his song, “La Luna.” Nearing the end of the show, SB19 showed off one last unique side to them with “I Want You,” displaying their sultriness with airy vocals and sensual choreography.

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Throughout the show, the group continuously expressed their gratitude toward A’TIN through fan service, talking segments, and the entire encore song dedicated to signing autographs and taking selfies with fans’ phones. Ending the evening by sharing their excitement for the future, SB19 made promises to return but to an even bigger venue for their next tour. “This is the end of the concert, but this is the beginning of our journey.”

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