KARD Transformed LA’s Orpheum Theatre Into Their Playground

Returning to BM’s hometown once again, KARD arrived in sunny Los Angeles for the second to last stop of their 2023 U.S. Tour. Despite taking place on a Wednesday night, the summer sun wasn’t the only thing heating up the City of Angels, as the quartet brought their latest music and turned the Orpheum Theatre into their own personal playground.

Although the show started strong as KARD strutted on stage to kick off the evening with “ICKY,” the second half of the show was when the group’s energy really hit its peak. Ending the first half with a relay of solo and unit stages that consisted of Jiwoo and Somin’s “Fxxk you,” BM’s “LIE” and “Broken Me,” and BM and J.Seph’s “Been That Boy,” the second half of the show focused more on group performances and each member’s sensuality and playfulness simultaneously.

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This portion of the show began with a VCR of the group’s preparations for the tour and their recent album. The short clips showed off KARD’s bond, as the members joked around, made up nicknames for each other, and more. The most special part of the video, however, was  the meaning behind the tour’s playground concept. BM explained the concept as an homage to childhood, when anywhere could become a play place to relax and have fun. In that same way, the group aimed to create an environment where fans could relieve their stress at their show. The VCR featured clips of children playing on a playground, who shifted into the members, reinforcing the tour concept.

Further drawing upon the nostalgia of beginnings, the first song to start Act Two was “Rumor,” a track from KARD’s early days. BM, Jiwoo, J.Seph, and Somin reminisced the start of their group together seven years ago, as they looked at photos from pre-debut and debut displayed on screen. The group laughed and gasped in awe at the old memories, thinking back on when BM didn’t have as much muscle and J.Seph and Somin looked “more wholesome,“ according to BM. This short nostalgic segment of the show provided a brief break between performances and gave fans insight into just how far the group has come.

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Closing out the show with a series of high energy songs, KARD performed “GUNSHOT,” “Bomb Bomb,” and the highly anticipated “CAKE.” The songs were met with deafening cheers and fan chants from passionate concertgoers, as they took KARD’s advice and let go of the day’s struggles to have fun. Coming back for the encore, the quartet performed three more songs, including one more performance of their latest single “ICKY,” before officially exiting the stage with words of gratitude and promises of a 2024 tour.

Declaring Los Angeles as one of their favorite cities in the world for all the memories and love they’ve received, KARD gave just as much back, leaving fans with countless memories and endless love. Having gained even more confidence in themselves as a group, KARD finished the show ready to take on the rest of the world: “For us, stages around the world have become our playground.”

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