K-pop Virtual Boy Group PLAVE Makes Their First Radio Show Appearance

On July 5, virtual idol group PLAVE took another step, crossing over into the real world at their first radio show appearance at MBC’s IDOL RADIO. Members Yejun, Noah, and Hamin offered viewers an introduction to PLAVE through the program, and APA captured a few highlights from the show.

During self-introductions, each member decided to showcase their vocal imitation skills. Noah impersonated Daijin (mysterious cat) from animated film Suzume and Yejun imitated the Director character from animated series Crayon Shin-chan. Hamin took his creativity to the next level, showing the audience what Korean actor Lee Sun Kyun would sound like if he rapped Mino and Zico’s “Okey Dokey.” Throughout the introductions, radio hosts Hongjoong and Yunho of ATEEZ were amused by something they noticed: the magic effects around the members’ faces. Sparkles would appear around Noah’s face whenever he smiled, bubbles would float out of Yejun’s whenever he opened his mouth wide, and numbers would float above Hamin’s head whenever he was thinking.

As an idol group, PLAVE prepared performances for their own songs “Why?” and “Wait For You,” as well as a dance medley featuring numerous songs like Stray Kids’ “S-Class,” Seventeen’s “Super,” and G-IDLE’s “Queen Card.” The group also surprised the hosts with a brief dance cover of ATEEZ’s latest track, “Bouncy.”

PLAVE took some time to answer various questions from both fans and from fellow members, Bamby and Eunho, who weren’t present. One fan asked, “For one day, which other PLAVE member would you like to live as?” In response, Noah picked Hamin for his kicking skills and broad shoulders. Yejun picked Noah for his “sweet and salty personality.” He explained that when they practice, Noah gives a lot of feedback, but he also comforts the members. Meanwhile, Hamin cheekily picked Eunho because he wants to take advantage of Eunho’s producing skills, make a lot of songs, put all the songs on a USB for him to take when he’s Hamin again. Hongjoong noted all the numbers floating about Hamin’s head, giving away all the thought he put into that response, and how Hamin was more interested in Eunho’s copyrights over his composing skills, earning laughter from the group.

As for what’s next for PLAVE, the hosts asked the members to each give a five-syllable hint for their next release. Hamin shared, “It was summer (여름이었다),” and Noah went one step further and said, “The sixth summer (여섯번여름).” Though Noah was laughing after he revealed his hint, the hosts noted that PLAVE’s manager seemed to be shocked by the big spoiler. To wrap it up, Yejun asked, “Noah, do you want to die?” for his hint, to which the hosts clapped while laughing.

Mai Nguyen

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