AX 2023: The Cast of ‘Delicious in Dungeon’ Gears Up for Season One Premiere

Originally created by Ryōko Kui, Delicious in Dungeon is a fantasy comedy seinen manga series about a group of adventurers on an expedition to the dungeons to rescue leader Laios’ younger sister, Falin. While the original group of six was exploring, they encountered a Red Dragon, and during their battle with the monster, Falin used her magic to transport her beloved friends and brother out of the dungeon as things were taking a turn for the worst. Unfortunately, she was eaten before she could escape herself. Not wanting to leave her behind, Laios and their friends, Chilchuck and Marcille, return to the dungeon to rescue her before she is digested by the Red Dragon.

Low on supplies and with the last two remaining members of their group abandoning them, the only option left is for Laios, Chilchuck, and Marcille to head back into the dungeon and eat the monsters they come across for survival during their journey. On their first attempt at cooking a few of the monsters for a meal, they luckily encounter Senshi, a dwarf skilled in cooking and harvesting the food within the dungeons. Seshi joins their group, and the three become four as they race against the clock to save Falin before she’s fully digested. Ahead of the premiere of season one, APA spoke with Kentarō Kumagai, who voices main character Laios, and Sayaka Senbongi, who voices Marcille, about the upcoming anime, and why it’s the one to watch.

With this being both actors’ first time attending Anime Expo and their first time in the U.S., the pair was enthusiastic and eager to share about their upcoming series. With a lot of fun character dynamics and unique cuisine, the actors believe the highlight of the show is certainly its humor. Kentarō described his character as unintentionally funny, as he’s very serious about his food and has very two-dimensional reactions, yet he’s always making humorous remarks or actions without realizing. Rather than being focused on specific delicious foods, Laios simply wants to try everything. On the other hand, Marcille is a foodie through and through, only thinking of delicious food and what she wants to eat for her next meal. Considering their gluttony and the less-than-appetizing dungeon meals, the duo make for a one-of-a-kind pairing, sure to elicit laughter.

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Regarding casting, Senbongi was chosen to portray Marcille before Kumagai joined the project. She participated in Kumagai’s studio audition to ensure they had the right chemistry, before he was finalized as part of the cast. With Asuna Tomari as Chilchuck and Hiroshi Aka as Senshi, the four began preparing for their roles. Reading the manga prior to recording, Senbongi felt she was the perfect fit for her character. When recording first began, she had to find the perfect balance in her voice, portraying a food-loving adult with loud, exaggerated reactions. For Kumagai, he also felt he was right for his role, even though his character was difficult to portray. “It was like fate. Laios was the only character I auditioned for and wanted to portray.” Playing a character who got along better with the dungeon’s monsters than he did with other people, Kumagai also had to find a balance when recording his parts, needing to portray Laios’ care for his friends and sister while maintaining a distance due to his social awkwardness.

With food at the center of the show, it’s unsurprising that the two actors had food on their minds, too. When initially preparing for her role, Senbongi was not entirely willing to try various different foods, and even practiced for her portrayal of Marcille by eating slimy, textured foods. After recording for the show, she now feels like she’s more open minded, even trying out a beetle snack the director brought to their recording session one day. One thing she is adamant she would never try, however, are foods like the parasites that are in the show. For Kumagai, he has always had an interest in cooking, and would love to try eating the nabe that their characters eat in the first episode — the Huge Scorpion and Walking Mushroom Hot Pot. Since he loves soup and different stews, he believes he would personally enjoy this dish just as Laios did.

Wanting to entice everyone to enjoy the show together, the actors emphasized that Delicious in Dungeon is a series full of humor, appetizing meals, and strong character development. With how particular and peculiar Laios and Marcille are, both Kumagai and Senbongi hope that audiences can watch the show along with them, and enjoy seeing the duo’s growth together. Delicious in Dungeon will be streaming on Netflix in January 2024.

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