CRAVITY Finished First U.S. Tour with Los Angeles Show

Wrapping up their first U.S. tour, CRAVITY performed a sold-out show at the Avalon Hollywood in Los Angeles on the first Sunday of the summer. Fans, known as LUVITY, filled the venue to the brim. Notably, this final concert of the tour is a hometown show for one of the members, Allen, and his family and friends were among the crowd, cheering along with the fans.

Splitting their concert into three parts, the nine members showed off their different charms and talents with each segment. The show started off with the group appearing on stage in sleek red suits with silver accessories. They performed powerful songs such as “Get Lifted,” “Baddie,” and “My Turn,” against a palace and gazebo background with beaming red and purple lights. This section of the concert illustrated the group’s growth and maturity right from the start, as they burst on stage with intense choreography and strong, steady vocals. Known originally for their cute concepts, the group reaffirmed their versatility with these performances, proving they’re capable of doing it all.

Moving forward quickly, the next segment focused on a bright concept, as the group returned to the stage in colorful outfits reminiscent of a rainbow, and prepared a slew of bubbly, youthful performances against a flower field background. “Give Me Your Love,” “Maybe Baby,” and “Boogie Woogie” lifted the mood of the whole venue, as the fans sang and danced along to the sweet and meaningful lyrics. Among this set of songs was “Fly,” one of the brightest stages of the show. With a loving group cheer during the bridge of the song, the lyrics captured the group’s essence perfectly as they described the feeling of flying up in the sky thanks to someone’s love. The group’s performance was paired with playful choreography, and each member’s bright personality and sincerity could be felt as they sang the lyrics to their fellow members and LUVITY.

The last section of the concert combined the power of the first segment and liveliness of the second to showcase a cool concept, with the group donning streetwear and denim and biker jackets. CRAVITY performed a mix of cooler songs such as “Jumper” and “Pow!” along with upbeat songs such as “Groovy.” This segment summed up the group’s duality and charm perfectly, as they were able to pull off both cute and charismatic concepts with ease, even back to back.

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Aside from demonstrating their diverse music and concept versatility, the concert was a clear showcase of the group’s talent and wit as well. Even as the nine members moved together through their difficult choreography, vocalists Seongmin, Woobin, Wonjin, and Jungmo never wavered, singing a wide range of harmonies with steady delivery. Serim and Allen impressed the crowd with their powerful rapping, bouncing off of each other’s energy, and Taeyoung, Hyeongjun, and Minhee truly stood out for their synchronized dances and undeniable stage presence.

During talking segments, the group also joked around and spoke comfortably amongst themselves and with LUVITY, showing off their close bond through quick and playful banter. One instance of this was during one of the final talking segments when the group listed things that came to mind when they think of LA. The group mentioned Hollywood, the beaches, and Disneyland, although most of them have never been to the theme park. In a bout of confidence, youngest member Seongmin made a demand to their management company then and there to take them to the happiest place on Earth, much to the amusement of the group and the audience. Beginning a chant of “Starship, Starship, Starship!” onstage was only the beginning, as Seongmin finished off his request with a loud and firm shout: “Starship, did you hear us?! Take us to Disneyland!”

Performing a thoughtful setlist that showcased the breadth of their music, CRAVITY truly put together a Masterpiece for their first tour. With a quick “see you in two months [at KCON LA]” to bid farewell to their fans, the nine members wrapped up the concert with a shout of the show date as a way to memorialize the evening: “June 25th, 2023, remember our time [together]!”

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