Peace, Love and Harmony: P1Harmony Talks About Different Kinds of Love in the ‘Harmony’ Series

Six-piece K-pop group P1Harmony has just closed the final chapter of their Harmony series with their sixth mini album, Harmony: All In. They’ve spent the last two and a half years working on the Disharmony and Harmony series to explore their own self-expression through different styles and sounds in a thematic way. “The Disharmony series was about breaking stereotypes, standing up for yourself, and having confidence,” said Jiung. “The music and concept was also dark and heavy.” Keeho added, “There were a lot of hidden messages, and you had to really pay attention to the lyrics to see what we’re really talking about.” 

In contrast, the Harmony series is bright not only in sound with fun and lighthearted songs, but also in colorful concepts and styling. As if clearing the shroud and shining a light on this phase of their music, P1Harmony set out to make their messages clear when crafting the release. “For this album, we tried to make it as straightforward as possible,” said Keeho. “Just take it as it is because that’s how we really meant for this album to be. We feel like every single song has a unique and different meaning.”

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One of the most prominent themes in Harmony: All In is the various forms of love: showing love to others and to yourself. “More Than Words” is an Afrobeat track with a message that can be easily summed up in its own lines: “Show your true love / It will get further than your words.” Jongseob explained, “Like the title says, there’s a lot of different ways to express love without actually saying love. We want our fans to know that expressing love can be as simple as saying ‘Hello’ or ‘How are you’ or even giving a hug, handshake or high five. Sometimes these actions can mean a lot to someone in certain situations.” Jiung mentioned, “Fans have told us in fan meetings that this is their favorite song. They love the message, and they said they were touched because we wrote it ourselves.”

While it can be easy to overlook being kind to yourself, P1Harmony reinforces the importance of self-love through the upbeat track “Love Me For Me” that features the catchy mantra, “Nobody can love me like I do.” When it comes to self-care, each member has their own personal way of loving themselves.

  • For Jiung, “I always try to get to know myself. These days, I have a lot of hobbies like making beats, making jewelry, going fishing or going on a trip alone. I always try to have me-time to take care of myself.” 
  • For Intak, “I focus on things I like to do, whether they be hobbies or things that make me happy, which can be as simple as watching a YouTube video.” 
  • For Keeho, “Personally, I like to journal as often as possible, but obviously sometimes it’s not possible. But when I do have hard times or I need time to think about my thoughts from a more third-person perspective, I like to write down my thoughts and read them over to see what I’m feeling. Journaling has been my way to stay grounded and take care of myself.
  • For Soul, “When I play games, I like having Keeho sit next to me and having him watch me play until I get first place. It motivates me,” to which Keeho smiled and called him cute. “I also like listening to soothing piano instrumentals with ambient rain sounds to calm myself down.”
  • For Theo, “I’m good at knowing what I’m good at and what I’m not. If I’m not good at something, I won’t do it; If I’m good at something, I’ll do my best to get better. I surround myself with stuff that I’m good at. It raises my self-confidence and helps me love myself more.”
  • For Jongseob, “When I’m on the stage, I always remind myself, ‘You are the best. No one can do it like you.’ It’s as simple as that. It makes me love myself.”

Now with the end of the Harmony series, P1Harmony is ready to explore what’s next. “With the completion of Harmony, we don’t want to be confined within themes or put limits on ourselves. We want to experiment more and show more sides of ourselves,” said Jongseob. “We can’t tell you exactly what that is yet, but when it does come, we hope everyone looks out for it.”

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