Lyn Lapid’s ‘To Love in the 21st Century’ Tour Took Listeners Inside a Rom-Com Movie

For the second stop on the To Love in the 21st Century tour, Lyn Lapid performed at the intimate Constellation Room for a sold-out show. Despite it being Lyn’s first headlining U.S. tour and opener Stephanie Poetri’s first time as an opening act, the two young singers performed with ease, showing off their natural stage presence.

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Starting off the show, Stephanie Poetri performed several of her most popular songs, including “Do You Love Me,” “Selfish,” and “I Love You 3000.” Interacting with the audience throughout her set, the Indonesian singer gave a shout out to someone with a flag from her home country, accepted compliments from passionate fans, and made small talk with the crowd. The singer gave a sneak peak of two unreleased songs, and even performed a surprise cover of Owl City’s “Fireflies” as a special gift for everyone to sing along with. Stephanie’s set was the perfect prelude to Lyn Lapid, due to her soft, wispy vocals gently reverberating throughout the venue.

True to her tour’s name, Lyn’s show revolved around various types of love that one can experience throughout their youth. Upon walking into the venue, the first thing that could be seen was a small stage setup with a light up LYN LAPID sign, a flower and vine covered microphone stand and lamppost, and a row of flowers and grass along the front of the stage. This was later explained by the singer to be a replica of her first date, which was at Central Park in New York. While she didn’t have a pleasant memory of that day, she wanted to create a unique environment that would allow attendees to take something home from the evening. With that, she began to pluck flowers from the planters, gifting them to her passionate fans as a memento.

Between each performance, Lyn had a story to tell about either the song, a recent experience she had, or her career path, and how that specific song contributed to it. Prior to performing “Like You Want Me To,” the singer shared the story of Frank, a guy who ghosted her after three months of perfect conversations. Having a special friendship-like relationship with her fans, this led the crowd to come together to boo Frank. One attendee in particular, Jerome, made sure to let Lyn know that she’s a queen, and that she deserves better than Frank. Other short stories were also woven between songs, telling of her experiences and her growth as a person and with love and relationships, but not all of them were told through speaking.

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Aside from the stories she explicitly told, Lyn Lapid’s lyrics also gave a clear view into her heart. “Like You Want Me To” is a song she described as liking someone who likes you back, except you like them more than they like you. “I Guess That Was Goodbye” is a nostalgic song about reflecting on old memories and feeling like there wasn’t enough time with someone. Between the lyrics, the melody, and the singing audience, it felt like you were transported into the nostalgic montage scene of a teenage rom-com film; you’re in a car driving down the coast with the windows down, and you’re in the backseat with your eyes closed, memories playing in your mind. Reminiscent of “I Guess That Was Goodbye,” Lyn Lapid performed a cover of Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away,” to which attendees screamed the lyrics to with all their hearts. There was also the final song of the evening, “Poster Boy,” which is about falling in love at first sight. During the track, Lyn and her fans chanted, “it’s you and I,” serving as one last moment the singer and fans shared together before the show ended.

Stunning fans with her strong, emotional vocals and her wide range of instrument-playing talents, Lyn focused on invoking feelings and emotions from the crowd, building a connection with the audience, and offering an oasis-like escape to a safe space. Exploring all these different, yet common emotions when it comes to love, a few words to describe the show are relatable, nostalgic, and euphoric.

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