WEi Finished Second U.S. Tour with ‘Passion’

As the last stop of the U.S. leg of their second world tour, WEi revisited the quaint and intimate El Rey Theatre to greet their fans, known as RUi. While member Yohan unfortunately could not join his group, the other members, Daehyeon, Donghan, Junseo, Seokhwa, and Yongha, worked extra hard to make sure the Passion tour was filled with love, energy, and, of course, passion.

Creating a setlist with some of the group’s more recent releases such as “Spray,” the show was prepared with plenty of thought and care. Although the group performed less than 15 songs total, they filled up the evening with VCRs showing the members playing various games and talking segments to really connect with their fans. The group not only performed each and every song flawlessly, hitting high notes, matching harmonies, and pulling off difficult choreography with synchronization and ease, but they also created a once in a lifetime experience for RUi through prepared videos. The VCRs had serious moments, introducing the members as they prepared for the tour while they shared their thoughts, concerns, and hopes with everyone. There were also plenty of fun, silly moments when the group played games such as a relay quiz and a member bingo game to see how well they know one another. With just the VCRs alone, it was clear that WEi didn’t skimp out on preparations for the tour regardless of the short runtime.

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The group underwent three different outfit changes, showing off their various styles from boyish to regal with just a switch of clothing. They kicked off the show in silver embellished blazers and white button downs, displaying a more mature, ethereal look. This outfit paired well with songs such as “Rose” and “Waitin,'” matching the vibes perfectly. WEi made a sudden outfit change into tee shirts and muscle tanks, while Daehyeon noticeably wore a denim jacket with nothing underneath, signaling the second section and showing off the group’s youthfulness through tracks like “Too Bad.” For the last two songs, which included ending song “Bye Bye Bye,” the members returned to the stage in plain black tees with jeans, emphasizing how WEi’s charm is apparent even in simple attire.

Wonderful performances aside, the group also showed their passion for their fans through the various interactions throughout the evening. During songs like “Bad Night” and “Special Holiday,” all five members were busy taking as many phones, banners, and plushies as they could. The boys also weaved in countless ments, chatting comfortably together and with RUi. At one point, one fan screamed in a falsetto, and the members nicknamed them “dolphin,” jokingly asking where Ariana [Grande] was. Their interactions with “dolphin” continued, as they pinpointed them in the audience, and immediately recognized them as an attendee from last year’s First Love U.S. tour. Main vocalist Seokhwa also mentioned how much WEi has grown since last year’s tour, proving it with a short acapella cover of Gayle’s “abcdefu.” While their performance of the song was censored last year, Seokhwa confidently sang “A, B, C, D, E, FUCK YOU” with his middle finger in the air for the 2023 version.

Finding their own self confidence, performing songs back to back with ease and precision, and paying extra close attention to their fans, WEi wrapped up the night quickly, also bringing the U.S. tour to a close. Perhaps the tour name served as a North Star for the group, but the short and sweet evening was filled with nothing but passion from both WEi and RUi.

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