QUEEN BEE Gives LA a Backbreaking Performance

After a stellar show in Seattle at anime convention SakuraCon, Japanese rock band QUEEN BEE, also known as Ziyoou-Vachi (女王蜂), made their way to Los Angeles for a specially planned concert. Prior to that night’s show, Avu-chan told APA in an exclusive interview that LA was handpicked as the location for their first full concert in order to give fans a chance to see them “from a non-anime perspective.” Of course, QUEEN BEE’s setlist wouldn’t be complete without songs from their anime catalogue that were also performed at SakuraCon. However, audiences were in for a treat as they got to see a full 20-song set, alongside the spectacle of the band’s trademark theatrics.

Strutting onstage in their outfits from the music video for “VIOLENCE,” the ensemble took their places as the lights dimmed and the crowd’s deafening cheers came to a shrill climax. Starting the show with the Chainsaw Man ending song, Avu-chan had hearts and fists pumping from the beginning guitar strum. To keep the energy up, the band had no shortage of danceable songs to perform from their 14-year history. From “DANCE DANCE DANCE” to “No, I don’t want to get High,” Avu-chan showed off live for listeners the vocal range and lyrical genius featured in the First Take rendition of “FIRE,” which turned heads around the world.

Unfortunately, the members of QUEEN BEE couldn’t spend much time on introductions due to the dense setlist. But attendees universally understood the band’s message would come through their spectacular delivery of their extensive discography. Avu-chan’s volatile vocal modulations continued to rile the audience with the Matsuri Bayashi inspired “OIL” and “DISCO.” However, the crowd’s intensity was gently doused ahead of the concert’s halfway point with the rhythmic, genre blending track, “KING BITCH.”

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After a quick costume change into sparkling, blood red attire, the trio reignited the excitement from earlier with the rock track, “Mirror,” and matching red lighting. Balancing the show with ballad songs, “Q” and “TEN,” Avu-chan gracefully danced back and forth in classic stiletto heels.

Always an enthusiast for the dramatic, Avu-chan called out to the crowd, “Hey boys! Hey girls! HEY MY BABIES!” before fiercely ripping off the bottom tulle to their dress. The vocalist’s expressive facial expressions were also on full display during “INU-HIME.” During the SakuraCon press roundtable, Avu-chan voiced how they hoped fans would see QUEEN BEE as cute, in addition to how they already perceive the band. That came through during their performance of “PRIDE” and “Venus” as the members winked and smiled, providing flirtatious fan service left and right.

When the first notes to “HALF” hit, the audience exploded into screams as the heavily anticipated Tokyo Ghoul:re ending song was clearly a fan favorite. Those in the pit experienced Avu-chan’s deep backbend during the song’s guitar solo, which left the crowd too stunned to speak as they held that bend for the entire bridge.

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The show reached its climax when the band surprised the crowd with a repeat performance of “VIOLENCE” to close out the main act. Happily indulging in the anisong anthem that the members played with an increased vigor, the pit could not stop screaming for an encore even before its ending chords. In a twist, QUEEN BEE serenaded fans with the aptly named crowd pleaser, “Introduction.” Marrying their signature eclectic energy and visual elegance, the band sent the audience off into the night with a passionate finish.

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  3. BL
  4. No, I don’t want to get High
  5. FIRE
  6. OIL
  7. DISCO
  8. hypnotism
  10. Mirror
  11. Q
  12. TEN
  13. DIVA
  14. INU-HIME
  15. PRIDE
  16. Venus
  17. HALF


  1. Serenade
  2. Introduction

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