CIX Brings ‘Save Me, Kill Me’ Tour to Historic Orpheum Theater in LA

As the U.S. leg of CIXs’ Save Me, Kill Me tour was coming to a close, the five-member group performed for their fans, known as FIX, at the historic Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles for their second to last stop. Lasting just over an hour and a half, the show was jam-packed with flawless performances, despite the short duration. Stepping on stage in royal concept outfits decorated with bedazzled shoulder pads and silver details, the members kicked off the concert with “Numb,” a fast-paced song with intense choreography. Setting the tone for the rest of the night, this performance was the first of many high energy stages, as CIX showed off their complex dances and impressive live vocals and rap. Blowing through each of their title songs, the group also made sure to include several of FIX’s favorite B-side tracks, including “Imagine,” “Everything,” and “Like It That Way,” slowing things down to allow their harmonies and high notes take the spotlight.

Aside from their group stages, CIX prepared solo stages for each member, showing off their own charms and skills. Yonghee started things off with a laid-back performance of Justin Bieber’s “Holy,” followed by BX performing Futuristic’s “Bodied,” completely switching up the vibe with his intense rap and stage presence. Seunghun was next with Giveon’s “Heartbreak Anniversary,” giving the audience a beautiful RnB performance that had everyone singing and swaying along, followed by youngest member Hyunsuk putting on a charismatic performance of DPR Live’s “Text Me.” Rounding out the solo stages was Jinyoung, who performed a vocal cover of keshi’s “Alright,” accompanied with a dance routine. The solo stages flowed along smoothly and brought the show to its highlight, when the group came back together and performed their latest comeback song.

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Dressed in denim streetwear, the five members burst back onstage for “458,” exuding even more power as if their solo stages had renewed their energy. Hard-hitting, synchronized choreography was paired with relaxed high notes and strong rapping, all the while fans matched the vibe by screaming along the fanchants to the chorus. The catchy song went perfectly with the sharp yet sultry choreography, and the atmosphere and excitement reached an all-time high as CIX gave it their all for the performance. This was the perfect display of the group’s color, demonstrating their strength, sexiness, and playfulness all at once.

From there, each performance stayed at the same high level of energy, almost as if “458” ignited something within the group and their fans. The members charged through songs such as “Bad Dream,” “What You Wanted,” and debut song “Movie Star,” before returning to the stage for a brief encore. CIX closed out the show with sentimental songs, “Drown in Luv” and “The One.”

Showing their gratitude, the group continuously thanked FIX, spoke in as much English as possible, and joked around on stage, giving fans a glimpse of their daily antics. From sharing the thought process behind the show’s setlist and posing for photos for as many fans on the first and second floors as they could, CIX certainly put in a great amount of effort to connect with their fans. Not wanting to leave the stage, leader BX nearly had to be dragged offstage, as he kept popping back onstage to greet FIX before the night could officially end.

Creating a beautiful memory full of amazing stages and their playful personalities, CIX completed the LA stop of their U.S. tour with ease. Proving that they were born to be on stage, the group offered their fans a well-curated, energetic concert that they’ll surely remember until the next time the band visits the States.

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