Dreamcatcher Enchants Concertgoers at ‘Reason: Makes Dreamcatcher’ Tour in Oakland

On March 18th, Dreamcatcher and their fans, Insomnia, took over the Paramount Theater in Oakland. Well known for fusing elements of rock and metal with pop music, the seven-member girl group is often seen dressed in dark or striking outfits that evoke a powerful aura. However at this show, the members entered the stage in a variety of casual outfits, as if they individually picked their own looks for the night. In the group’s stead, fans came decked out in goth-inspired outfits, wearing capes, fishnets and chunky platforms with Dreamcatcher’s eye-catching scepter-like lightstick to complete the look.

Despite being noticeably dressed down, Dreamcatcher took the stage with authority, kicking off the show with their debut hit “Chase Me.” Enchanting the crowd with dynamic tracks, “You and I” and “Scream,” the members effortlessly commanded the crowd to chant and scream at all the right parts. The energy was palpable, as the group powered through intense song after song, complete with synchronized choreography. The group also took time to slow things down with ballads and softer songs. In “Polaris,” they showed off beautiful vocals to delicate melodies, while instructing the audience to execute a unique set of lightstick motions in time with the lyrics.

One performance that particularly stood out was “Fairytale.” Six years into their career, Dreamcatcher has come a long way, including a re-debut featuring a new signature style and sound that was a far departure from their original bright, pop image. While this rebranding helped the group make a name for themselves, Dreamcatcher proved that they don’t need to stick to any kind of image to captivate a crowd; they can do all that by being themselves. Leisurely walking around the stage in their casual outfits with smiles on their faces, the members peered into the crowd belting the repeated lyrics of “follow your heart, we’re living in a fairytale” with a passion and joy that touched listeners.

Beyond the music, the concert offered a look into the group’s playful personalities. Dreamcatcher frequently inserted silly (e.g. JiU madly swinging her pigtails around like a helicopter) or shocking (e.g. Handong seductively dropping to the floor unexpectedly) improvised moves into performances that had the audience guessing what they would do next. The star goofball of the night, Sua, challenged the crowd to imitate her cackling laugh, which resulted in hilarious attempts, and commented on how local Bay Area birds by the pier walk very sexily. And of course, she showed off her own imitation of the sexy bird walk.

Ending the night with the most fitting song, Dreamcatcher performed “Reason,” a song dedicated to their fans and made to celebrate their six-year anniversary. After teaching concertgoers how to sing the catchy chant in the song, Dreamcatcher and Insomnia sang together with fervor into the night.

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