Kang Daniel Finishes U.S. Tour with Short and Sweet Show in LA

Completing his First Parade U.S. tour, Kang Daniel performed to an excited crowd at The Wiltern on Saturday, March 18th. Calling it “the parade of his life,” the singer prepared songs ranging from debut to present in a 90-minute show he curated just for his fans, known as Danity.

Known for his abilities as a triple-threat idol who can sing, rap, and dance, anticipation and expectations were high from the start. Kicking the show off with “Who U Are,” “Don’t Tell,” and “Waves,” it was clear from the beginning, however, that the show would be much more dance-centric than anything else. Daniel prepared a variety of music, weaving slower songs in between his upbeat tracks for balance, but the majority of performed songs were fast-paced, pairing with complex choreography that prevented the singer from singing live. The few times the audience did get to hear his voice, such as during songs with no choreography like “Ghost” and “1000x,” it was obvious the singer had no problem hitting high notes and rapping with his signature husky tone with ease. Whether it was a stylistic choice or simply because it wasn’t possible with the difficult choreography, it was a shame Danity did not get to enjoy more of Daniel’s smooth vocals live.

Despite this, the show was well produced and executed, with several VCRs playing between songs, four stage outfit changes, and a screen behind the performer playing videos that complemented each song. The screen helped elevate performances of “Paranoia” and “Selfish,” which were undoubtedly the highlight songs of the evening. Deep red stage lights were paired with a video loop of monsters, dark hallways, and spooky handprints, as Daniel performed “Paranoia” beside his dancers. The themed performance would have been perfect for Halloween. Although the one drawback of the performance was the loud backing vocals, the overall performance was immersive and matched the lyrics. While “Paranoia” was edgier, “Selfish” was much more relaxed and melancholic. During the latter song, the screen featured a school dance floor and locker room, evoking high school memories. Although “Selfish” was also prepared with choreography, it was left mainly to the dancers, as Daniel sang about a love that got away into a mic stand at center stage.

Performances aside, Daniel also made sure to express his sincere gratitude toward fans throughout the night. During several talking segments in English between songs, the soloist shared random facts, introduced his music, and playfully and gratefully made conversation with Danity. The singer also offered some advice for those in attendance: “Do whatever you want, however you like, while it lasts. I hope you can cherish the moment, and do what you want with no regrets.” Speaking from the heart, Daniel made sure to thank the audience time and time again, for making it possible for him to chase his dreams and stand on stage.

While the show was only an hour and a half long and lacked live vocals for much of the concert, it was enjoyable nonetheless. The First Parade tour was made for Daniel to share the story of his musical career and create new memories with Danity. With promises to come back soon with the “Next Parade,” the night ended before 10pm, and fans were left to anticipate Daniel’s return.

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