SF9 Announces Dates for Delight Tour

FNC Entertainment’s nine member boyband, SF9, will return to the U.S. for a third time for their 2022 SF9 LIVE FANTASY #4 DELIGHT concert tour. They last performed in the U.S. as part of their UNLIMITED 2019 Europe and U.S. tour. However, this upcoming tour is expected to have two members, Inseong and Youngbin, absent due to mandatory military service. Member Rowoon may also not attend as FNC reported his absence from the band’s latest album due to conflicts with his filming schedule. This leaves SF9 with only six members potentially performing for their upcoming DELIGHT tour.

The upcoming tour starts off in Seoul and will take place in select U.S. cities. Starting their U.S. leg in New York, the group will end their tour at The Wiltern in Los Angeles.

Tickets are on sale now.

US Tour Dates
Nov. 30 – New York, NY
Dec. 2 – Chicago, IL
Dec. 5 – Dallas, TX
Dec. 8 – Denver, CO
Dec. 10 – Los Angeles, CA

Kalai Chik

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