FanimeCon 2022 Reunites Anime Fans in the Bay Area

In late May, FanimeCon 2022 made its in-return person after three years due to the pandemic. Fans flocked to the San Jose Convention Center in all kinds of cosplay, eager to convene with fellow enthusiasts. This year people came dressed as characters from popular anime like Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen and games like Genshin Impact and Final Fantasy. Carrying out safety precautions amid the ongoing pandemic, FanimeCon enforced a vaccination and mask policy for entry. Masks didn’t take away from any of the impressive cosplay, and some people got extra creative by making their masks complement their outfits.

Check out some of the cosplay on display at FanimeCon 2022 below!


Mai Nguyen

Editor-in-Chief at Asia Pacific Arts.
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