MIYAVI Releases Music Video for “Hush Hush” with NFT Collection

This week Japanese rockstar MIYAVI released a music video for his song, “Hush Hush,” which features K-pop singer Daniel Kang’s breathy vocals and a funky guitar melody. Presented by music start-up KLKTN, the interactive music video is accompanied with an NFT collection. This collection enables viewers to access hidden elements in the music video. Three ‘Special Edition’ NFT’s are available: two being 3D animated artwork while the other is a special alternative ending version for the music video, which fans can find via a QR code hidden in the peripheral view of the video.

Originally released as part of MIYAVI’s 2021 album, Imaginary, “Hush Hush,” was also re-released in Korean with the K-pop idol featuring MIYAVI.

Photo courtesy of KLKTN

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