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Join The Joy Ruckus Club This Fall

By October 10, 2020 No Comments

As more people tune into virtual concerts while social distancing at home, more online festivals are also popping up to give listeners a chance to see multiple artists at once. One of the latest is Joy Ruckus Club, which calls itself the world’s largest Asian American virtual music festival.

Taking place October 17-18, the online event boasts a strong lineup with over 70 performers. The festival will be headlined by popular Korean acts Eric Nam, Kevin Woo (formerly of U-Kiss), and Luna (formerly of f(x)). While the headliners look to be all K-pop stars, the festival itself will feature a variety of artists of different genres, ranging from Pop to R&B, EDM and Hip Hop.

Joy Ruckus Club will be split into genre-themed days, offering Pop, EDM, and R&B on day one and Hip Hop on day two. Some of the featured Pop singers include Wind Meets West, a Vietnamese singer from New York City, Anneston, a Laotian-Thai singer located in Los Angeles, CA and Pri, an Indian pop star based in Dallas, TX. The EDM lineup is comprised of a wide range of DJs as well, with DJ Cream, DJ Sura, and DJ Vin performing from Seoul, South Korea, DJ Mix hailing from La Crescenta, Bayer and Waits, a duo from Los Angeles, and Korean DJ Seduza mixing from Fontana.

The festival also features several Alternative, Indie, and R&B acts: Leo Xia, a Chinese R&B singer in Los Angeles, Chris Valdez, a Filipino R&B singer out of Auckland, LYTA, a Vietnamese Chill-Pop Singer from Austin, and Casper Sun, a Chinese Indie Pop singer performing from Los Angeles. Band Famous is an Alternative band from Seoul, South Korea, and DISKQ is a Korean Alternative Pop singer from Los Angeles, CA. Other performers that fall under similar categories include Indie Singer-Songwriters ITWASYOHAN, Keepitinside, and MJ Apanay.

For more information, visit Joy Ruckus Club.