Jay Park Shows San Francisco How to Stay “Sexy 4Eva”

Multi-talented artist Jay Park takes the world on with his first global tour, visiting 18 countries in four continents. Although he’s been making music for over a decade and has performed overseas countless times, it’s a wonder why it’s taken the singer this long to go on a solo world tour. Whatever the case, it was well worth the wait. Titled after “Sexy 4Eva” off his debut English EP, Jay Park’s first world tour showcases the entertainer at his sexiest —  showing off his musical versatility, dance skills, and captivating stage presence.

Two screens pulled apart to reveal the singer dressed in black and white atop a flight of stairs, immediately drawing cheers from the crowd. Opening the show with electropop “Forget About Tomorrow,” Jay invited fans to join him in living for the night. Moving into the first “I need a Cha Cha beat, boy” track of the night, he performed “Me Like Yuh.” When he sang the lyrics “I’d even dye my hair blond for ya,” he winked at the crowd while pointing to his blond hair, which had fans screaming loudly in appreciation. Grooving to the beat, he effortlessly switched back and forth between choreography and freestyle while engaging with the crowd.

The show itself had its own rhythm, transitioning into different genres. Starting off with Jay’s pop tracks, he sang sweet, upbeat tracks like “Joah” and My Last,” while smiling at the crowd. For American audiences, he made sure to perform the English versions of “All I Wanna Do” and “Yacht.” As smoke billowed out onto the stage and the gentle guitar riff played, fans knew exactly what song was to come. Performing the chill track, “Dank,” he slowed things down with his laidback delivery of the easygoing song that had concertgoers naturally swaying along. While Jay’s performances were impressive, what was equally as impressive was how the audience sang along to nearly every song, Korean or English. 

Taking a break from singing, he focused on executing slick and smooth choreography to his own song “Replay.” His sustained, sensual movements and body rolls thrilled the audience, inciting hysterical screams. He then moved into the R&B segment of the show, pacing across the stage while singing “2nd Thots.” Jay is one of the few performers out there who can repeatedly croon “you a fake ass ho” to a cheering crowd as the song fades out. As he continued to air his grievances through slow songs, Jay grabbed a mic stand to sing “The Truth Is.” Upon finishing the bitter, love song, he lightened the mood by commenting on his outfit, “Whoa, these pants are tight.” And of course, the camera zoomed in on his crotch, and he laughed while quickly turning away. 

Following a dance break by his backup dancers, Jay sang “Solo,” a track about hoping his crush is single, while flirtatiously looking directly at certain individuals in the crowd. Special guest and labelmate Hoody appeared on stage to sing her part, adding her own color to the performance. Taking the entire stage to herself, she performed her debut track “Like You,” enchanting the crowd with her buttery smooth vocals. Following performances of hit songs “Sunshine” and “Han River,” she gave listeners a special treat, singing her latest track “Adios,” which only dropped a week earlier.

The atmosphere in the venue shifted when Jay returned on stage, dressed in a puffer jacket and baggy pants. Hitting the crowd with hip hop track after track, he launched into “Worldwide.” Aggressively spitting bars in “Finish Line,” the rapper’s lightning fast delivery even had the audience catching its breath. Fans know how much Jay loves his soju, so naturally he couldn’t leave out “Soju” from his show, pouring water onto concertgoers. To take that love to the next level, he shared with the audience that he’s working on launching his own soju brand, so drinkers should watch out for it soon.

When he started singing “Ain’t No Party Like an AOMG Party,” gold streamers flew out into the crowd, re-invigorating the audience once more. With the venue buzzing with energy at an all-time high, Jay took off his shirt to perform party anthem “Mommae,” riding the beat with his backup dancers. The crowd danced even more frantically, with Jay even pointing out people twerking on the balcony. Coming full circle to the tour title, Jay performed “Sexy 4Eva,” proving that sexy isn’t a look, it’s an attitude. The night flew by all too quickly as the entertainer pulled out all the stops, oozing charisma with every song and giving attendees a concert experience like no other.

Check out our photos below of Jay Park’s show in San Francisco!

Mai Nguyen

Editor-in-Chief at Asia Pacific Arts.
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