CRX 2019: Welcome to Crunchy City

Walking into Crunchyroll Expo 2019, attendees might have noticed something different. This year CRX 2019 structured the entire convention as if it was its own city, Crunchy City. Grabbing a copy of the New Crunchy Chronicle newspaper, we got the scoop on what was going down at CRX 2019.

The layout of the convention was depicted like a subway map, guiding attendees throughout Crunchy City. Starting at the Shopping District, vendors and artists sold various goods to eager customers. In the middle of the floor was a crosswalk much like the famous crosswalk in Shibuya. Anime-decorated cars were also parked around the crosswalk, with visitors stopping by to snap a quick photo.

Dividing the vendors from the artists was a torii, a large red Japanese gate. While the vendor-side was more metropolitan-like, the artist-side was lined with plants and had loops of string lights hanging over all the artist booths.

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Major activities like industry guest panels and anime screenings took place at the Cinema Theaters with brightly lit sign boards framed by anime posters. Attendees could also enjoy “nightlife” with guest performances and karaoke at the Crunchy City Night Club and a neon-lit arcade.

Away from all the bustling activity, Crunchy City set up areas for attendees to relax with maids at Crunchyroll Hime Cafe or at quiet spaces like the Campground, realistically decorated with tents, plants and campfires.

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All in all, CRX 2019 provided attendees with a fun and uniquely themed experience. If CRX continues with themed events, one suggestion is for CRX to pair themed location names with the actual location names, so it makes it easier to navigate the convention. Regardless, CRX 2019 stands out from other conventions for the thought and planning behind the entertaining experience, and we can’t wait to see what CRX has in store for next year.

— Photos by Jenny Li


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