MADKID Makes U.S. Performance Debut at CRX 2019

Five-member Japanese dance vocal group MADKID made their U.S. performance debut at Crunchyroll Expo 2019. Responsible for creating the first and second opening theme songs of The Rising of the Shield Hero, MADKID performed both tracks at the series’ special stage event, as well as at CRX’s Night Club.

When tasked with writing songs for the show, MADKID said, “After reading the manga, we felt like it was such a great fit for us. The story is about a guy who started from zero, just the same as us, so we really related to that.” After creating “Rise,” they worked to raise the bar with the second theme song, “Faith,” by incorporating a stronger rock sound. “Watching the animation to our song was like a dream come true. Seeing how it matched so well with the original source was amazing,” MADKID shared.

Check out our photos below of MADKID’s debut U.S. performances at CRX 2019!

— Photos by Jenny Li and Mai Nguyen

Mai Nguyen

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