OH MY GIRL Completes First U.S. Tour With Delightful Charm

Reaching the final show of their five-stop tour, OH MY GIRL ends their first U.S. tour in San Jose on a high note. When the show opened with the drumline beat of “Cupid” and the seven members of OH MY GIRL took the stage with confident, synchronized steps, the crowd couldn’t help but cheer and shout the chorus along with the girls. Moving into the next song, “Windy Day,” OH MY GIRL showcased their versatile style with their light-footed and delicate steps to the gentle melodies of the verses, before bursting into quick, energetic moves during the upbeat and quirky chorus.

Taking a break from dancing, OH MY GIRL stood in a line across the stage and performed “Butterfly” and “I Found Love.” The members took the opportunity to look out into the crowd and get a closer look at attendees, all while waving and posing for photos. To interact with the audience more, the girls held a brief Q&A session, answering fan-submitted questions. During this portion of the show, attendees got to view exclusive live performances such as YooA covering Camila Cabello’s “Havana.”

Jumping back into group performances, OH MY GIRL invigorated the crowd with the bouncy melody and choreography to the steady drum beat of “Liar Liar.” The girls impressively picked up the pace with the plucky song, “Coloring Book,” and never missed a beat.

Performing “Twilight” a track with more of a mature vibe, OH MY GIRL showed a different, but welcome side to the otherwise bright group. The girls moved into “Remember Me,” the latest addition to their unique discography of music that mixes dance pop with sparkling melodies and soaring vocals.

As the group began performing “Closer,” one of the group’s standout tracks, a hush fell over the crowd. Complete with the hypnotizing swaying and dreamy melody, the whimsical performance is a sight to see live. OH MY GIRL closed the show with the sweet fantasy-esque “Secret Garden,” inviting fans to wait and see what wonderful things will grow in the future. After briefly leaving the stage, the group returned to the calls of an encore, officially wrapping up the show with acoustic ballad “B612.” Unwaveringly cheerful and bright, OH MY GIRL effortlessly charmed the crowd with their uplifting music and dazzling smiles.

Check out our photos from OH MY GIRL’s show in San Jose!

Mai Nguyen

Editor-in-Chief at Asia Pacific Arts.
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