Crafting with “Pompom Pokémon”

Looking for a fun family activity? Pompom Pokémon is a great guide for learning how to take pompoms to the next level, teaching crafters of all levels to transform fluffy balls of yarn into your favorite Pokémon.

Although I’m a lover of crafts, I wouldn’t say I’m all that experienced or skilled. I thought I’d give this pompom project a shot with my crafty cousin who is a costume designer and pompom-making enthusiast. Admittedly, the book may seem initially intimidating, as the first pages reveal an extensive yarn guide. (I didn’t even know there was that many types of yarn.) However, it’s completely possible to make these characters using whatever yarn on hand, which is what we did.

I decided to start off easy and make a pokéball, while my cousin picked Jigglypuff. I’m a visual learner, so the step-by-step instructions coupled with illustration guides and photographs helped let me know I was on the right track. It was pretty therapeutic to focus on crafting, as there’s a lot of repeated movements and I somehow found myself trimming my pokéball for an hour. (It doesn’t usually take that long, unless you’re obsessed with trying to make a perfect sphere.)

Meanwhile, my cousin sped through and made a Snorlax and Meowth too. These characters also require felt and glue, so it can be tedious cutting and gluing the tiny pieces together, but it’s rewarding to see the completed result. A few tips from my cousin: (1) Photocopy the illustration guide for the felt pieces, so you can trace the copy over the felt to cut out the pieces and (2) Use tweezers to help glue the felt pieces together and onto the pompom.

For an idea on how she completed Meowth, check out some photos below!

Mai Nguyen

Editor-in-Chief at Asia Pacific Arts.
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