Butterfly Lovers Presented By “Red” Hong Yi

Red Hongyi

In May, contemporary artist Hong Yi presented her latest commission, “Butterfly Lovers” for the Asian Art Museum’s revitalized cafe Sunday at the Museum hosted by Boba Guys. Well known as the painter that paints without a paintbrush, Hong Yi has created numerous large-scale pieces including portraits of Jackie Chan using chopsticks, Jay Chou using coffee stains, and Aung San Suu Kyi using red dye and 2,000 white flowers. She has also worked with various companies such as Facebook Singapore, Uniqlo, and many others.

APA sat down with Hong Yi to discuss the inspiration behind “Butterfly Lovers,” as well as her path to becoming an artist and her most impactful pieces.

As for what’s next, Hong Yi is working toward creating a new series of pieces to be shown in an exhibit for viewers to see up close. For more of her work, visit Hong Yi’s website and Instagram.

Ray Wong

Contributing videographer

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