After just finishing up their first two stops of their second world tour, GENERATIONS travels to Los Angeles to begin the U.S. leg of their tour. The members of the band shared their excitement over being able to perform in Los Angeles. Be sure to read the whole interview through to find out how to win some special gifts from GENERATIONS!

APA: Welcome to LA! You began your world tour in Taipei and then just finished another show in Macau. How has the tour been so far?

Shirahama Alan: This is our second time going on a world tour. In regards to our stop inTaipei, it was very similar to our previous tours in Asia, always a great reaction from ourfans in Taipei. It was our first time in Macau, so it was an experience for sure, and wenoticed that there were very diverse people in the crowd. Fans from Thailand and China came to our concert there and some had asked us to come perform in other places like Shanghai for next time.

APA: This tour is titled “Speedster” after your latest album. Can you tell us what we can expect from your concert tomorrow? Do you have anything special planned for your US stops?

Shirahama Alan: We’ll be performing some English versions of our singles, which is something we usually don’t perform in Japan. We only do it for our overseas shows.

APA: How did your pop up shop event at Just One Eye go?

Katayose Ryota: We created special merchandise for this tour, called GenerationRx. It’s a project between GENERATIONS members and DRx Romanelli. He’s the curator based in Los Angeles who brought on Cali Thornhill DeWitt, the designer who’s famous for doing the Saint Pablo merchandise for Kanye West. With them on board, we created this exclusive line of merchandise. We just launched it at a select store called Just One Eye. To celebrate its launch, we dropped by and said hello to the people who showed up.


APA: Sounds like fans will be excited to purchase those hoodies and shirts! Because EXILE and all the groups under EXILE TRIBE are bands known for their fashion, please tell us about each member’s personal style. How would you each describe your style?

Kazuhara Ryuto: Well, I… have a particular style.

Shirahama Alan: We call it a “stubborn style” in Japanese.

Kazuhara Ryuto: Yeah, I’m the type who doesn’t like to change with the trends. I stick with my own style.Shirahama Alan: I like to mix it up. I like to pick up things from different sources and draw from that. My fashion style draws influence from the music. Like when you’re sampling bits and pieces of soundtracks.

Katayose Ryota: I actually like the Mod style and image of high fashion. These days, I like to wear wide pants.

Komori Hayato: So… I like money. Money is my fashion! Just kidding! Anyways… although I do like the fashion style of American musicians, I prefer more of the Asian fashion style and trends from Asia. I look to other artists or icons for inspiration.

Nakatsuka Yuta: I love this year’s Gucci collection. [points to his Gucci shirt]

Sano Reo: I don’t have any money, so I wear whatever people give me.

Katayose Ryota: He’s totally lying.

Sano Reo: Yeah, I am. [everyone laughs] I like all types of fashion and I’ll wear pretty much anything. It depends on where I’m going and who’s going, then I’ll be able to decide and change it up. I’m also interested in vintage clothing.

Sekiguchi Mandy: I prefer street fashion. Though, I enjoy vintage clothing too. I studied some history of fashion, like where the trends started and such.

APA: Previously, GENERATIONS filmed the music video for “Taiyou mo Tsuki mo” in LA, which was done on top of a really tall building. How was that? Was it scary to perform on top of that building? It also looked pretty hot!

Katayose Ryota: It was a great experience for us! We felt new experiences in Los Angeles that we haven’t felt before.

Kazuhara Ryuto: It felt great!

Katayose Ryota: It actually wasn’t that hot. It was breezy up there.

Sekiguchi Mandy: Kind of windy and cold.

APA: Is there anything you look forward to doing while in Los Angeles? Anything you’d like to visit while you’re here?

All: Universal Studios.

APA: We’d like to take the opportunity to get to know the members a little better, so we have a couple of questions inspired by your latest singles to feature on your upcoming album. Please point to the person you think best fits as the answer!

APA: Which member is the most energetic off stage?

All: Mandy or Ryuto.

APA: Who is the laziest?

All: Probably Hayato.

APA: Which member is the easiest to mess around with?

All: Mandy.

APA: This one is inspired by “Namida.” Which member cries the most?

All: Hayato or Ryuto.

APA: It has been nearly 5 years since you’ve debuted together. Congratulations! How do you feel that the group as a whole has changed over the years?

Shirahama Alan: When we made our debut 5 years ago, we weren’t expecting to tour the world. And now we’ve done it twice. During that entire time, we were studying English. Looking back, we’re slowly connecting the dots that brought us to today.

APA: Following up on that answer, can you tell me about how difficult learning English and honing your choreography?

Katayose Ryota: We actually have a lot of opportunities to speak English with people who come to Japan. For example, sometimes the dance choreographers or the people who train us will come from different countries and we get to speak with them.

APA: Do you have any special messages for your American fans?

Shirahama Alan: I frequently come to Los Angeles on my vacation and I’ve been given the opportunity to meet new people here. Now I know a lot more people than I did before. The more people I know, the more I’d want to come back to visit. Los Angeles has become very specialplace to me. Someday, I’d love for us to become so successful that we can’t walk aroundas freely!

Katayose Ryota: Since this is our first time performing in LA, I look forward to it! Like the others, I’d like to come back to meet more people. I’d love for our fans to keep supporting us so we can perform better and better for them, with bigger and bigger shows.

Kazuhara Ryuto: I love being in America and Los Angeles. I’d love to have the opportunity to continuously come back. I ask our fans to continue supporting us so we can come perform again.

Komori Hayato: From the dancers to the staff, I’ve met a lot of people through all these visits to LA. They’ve become my little community. But in the future, I’d like to come back enough for LA to feel like a second home. Of course, I’d like to come back for another live show in order for fans to get to know us. If we’re able to come back for another live show, LA really would become another home to us.

Nakatsuka Yuta: We were really sad we couldn’t perform back in 2015. So, we’re excited to actually be able to perform in LA this time and perform under the lights in NY. This experience of performing in the US will help us grow as a band because it’s very competitive here. People are used to top talent like Justin Bieber or Usher. I’d like to return again after growing into a better and more successful artist.

Sano Reo: Even when I was young, I always wanted to visit Los Angeles. It was my dream city. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to come here. As an artist, I feel very lucky because I’ve been given the opportunity to come here multiple times. When I first traveled here three or four years ago, I got to experience the culture I always looked up to. There’s different elements of culture in LA and I feel like I’ve really expanded my mind and creative sight. I’m excited to be able to perform on stage here!

Sekiguchi Mandy: I’m really excited to perform here since local LA natives have this opportunity to see us perform. I’ll definitely work really hard to come back again. Dance and music is a universal language. With music and dance, we can all communicate to our fans and our fans to us. I’m looking forward to seeing them tomorrow. Please come to our concert!

APA: Thank you for your time!

For more information, visit the official GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE website here.

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