Highlight 2015: The Worst K-pop Event Ever Held in North America?

This month clothing brand Community54 and event organizer TGM Entertainment teamed up to put on Highlight 2015, an event described as “a night of music and fashion.” The tour brought on K-pop boy group BTS to serve as brand ambassadors and performers, traveling to 4 cities across North America. In order to attend the show, fans must purchase a Highlight 2015 shirt as a ticket to gain entry. On top of that, Highlight offered various fan engagements such as hi-touch, autograph signing and photo opps for additional separate charges.

Fans have been concerned about the legitimacy of the tour since its announcement due to lack of information. Though the tour was first announced in May, little information regarding the event such as venues, show times and event schedules were announced until as late as the day before each show. Only two weeks prior to the tour kick off, BTS released an official video announcing their participation, which alleviated some unease. Although the video announcement proved the event’s validity, some fans continued to feel apprehensive and suspect that event preparations were coordinated last minute, explaining the late announcements. Moreover, many fans who chose to refund their tickets have expressed that they have not received correspondence regarding the refund, while many other fans are still waiting for their refunds from TGM’s previous events.

Highlight 2015 took place over the course of this past week and fans took to social media to share their disappointing and upsetting tour experiences. Check out any hashtags regarding the tour and you’ll find that many attendees have expressed that this may arguably be the worst K-pop event that has ever taken place in North America. From sudden event schedule changes to fan and artist mistreatment, APA compiles a list of some “highlights” from Highlight 2015. Thanks to Lisa and the fans who shared their experiences with us!

San Francisco (9/22)


Houston (9/24)


Atlanta (9/26)

Toronto (9/27)


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