JPOP Summit 2015 with Idol Group FES☆TIVE

Making their major debut earlier this year in May, the 8-piece idol group FES☆TIVE aims to bring the joy of Japanese festivals to listeners around the world. Ranking as a top favorite pick on the fan support app “CHEERZ,” JPOP Summit invited the cheerful, energetic group to invigorate and bring the Japanese festival experience to attendees. Not only did the idol group perform on stage, but they also walked around the event, happily talking with fans and taking photos.

APA sits down with FES☆TIVE and talks about their group concept and what’s so fun about Japanese festivals.


Can you please introduce yourselves and tell us something interesting about the group?

Hello, we are FES☆TIVE! Interesting point? Our concept is Japanese festivals. Other than that, I don’t think we have any… We’re really energetic and we dance weirdly? [laughs] But really, I don’t think we have any [laughs]

Your concept is Japanese festivals. Can you tell us why you decided on it?

We feel that Japanese festivals are invigorating and give people energy. The charming part of Japanese festivals is that there are just so many different kinds. There are also many stalls, selling food and items and the fireworks are really pretty! Everybody just has a really good time at Japanese festivals, so we want people to have just as much fun when they are watching us perform.

You have only recently debuted but you have been able to make your debut American performance already. How do you feel?

We are so happy to have received such a chance. It’s hard to believe that we’re here, but we’re so incredibly happy.

Is this your first time in America?

Yes! It’s the first time for all of us.

Is there anything you’d like to do while you’re here?

For us, we really like eating colorful food, so I hope to find something really colorful here to try.

For example, what kind of colorful food?

Like snacks! Or cake! They’re really pretty, so we feel like it’ll taste good. Also, you know those two story buses? Those red ones? We really want to try and ride one!

Your outfits are always really colorful, but it looks like you’re wearing something extra special today. Could you describe your outfits?

Thank you! Our outfits are always colorful, so we can give our viewers energy. Today each of our outfits have different items and food from yatai (Japanese stalls). Japanese festivals often have stalls selling different things, so we thought to have them attached to our clothes would further give off the Japanese festival feel. As you can see, one of us has takoyaki (octopus balls) and she has kakigoori (Japanese shaved ice).

Earlier this morning you had your first performance. How was that?

That was our first live performance in the US, so we had a lot of fun raising people’s energy and watching the audience enjoy our performance.

Have you had time to walk around and see the JPOP SUMMIT?

Oh we were able to walk around a little bit and we bought some drinks [laughs] We saw lots of people wearing yukata (Japanese casual summer kimono), so that was really interesting.

As you are guests at the JPOP SUMMIT representing an aspect of Japanese culture, what would you like foreigners to learn about Japanese culture?

Japanese festivals! Yukata! The mikoshi (palanquin/portable Shinto shrine)! Otaku? [laughs]

Many Japanese otaku also perform otagei (particular style of dance that many fans perform to cheer idols on). It’s a really unique aspect of Japanese culture and it makes us happy when we see our fans passionately cheering for us that way.

Any upcoming projects?

As it’s the summer, we have many performances coming up in Tokyo. But even once summer is over, we also have more scheduled performances because we make it feel like it’s summer all the time with our Japanese festival concept! [laughs]

Please send a message to your fans.

We hope you continue to support us! And for the people who may not know us yet, it would be great if you could take a listen! We will continue to work hard! Thank you!

Mai Nguyen

Editor-in-Chief at Asia Pacific Arts.
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