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August 10, 2018

Best of 2015: Japanese Fashion

APA writer Kalai Chik covers top 10 Japanese fashion trends in 2015.

by Kalai Chik

Date Published: 01/12/2016

Platform Shoes

10. Socks with Flats

Now this may not seem very fashionable in the United States, but in Japan, socks are often paired with different kinds of shoes. The three basic colored socks to have are white, gray, and black which can be matched with a variety of colorful or grayscale shoes. Maybe this trend that will catch on in Southern California if the weather continues to be this cold! Image was taken from the June volume of the Japanese fashion magazine, Can Cam.

9. Bellbottoms

Whoever thought bellbottoms would come back in style should claim their money. Vivi 2015’s April issue brought these 70’s hits into the mainstream fashion scene. This blast from the past helped to keep the fashionistas from the humid summer air.

8. Casual Sneakers

In a country that requires a lot of walking, Can Cam’s 2015 June issue recommends these fashionable sneakers as a good way to travel. Never hurts to look trendy and be comfy in soft colorful sneakers from brands such as Adidas and New Balance.

7. Oxford Style Flats

A simple type of shoe that came back a couple of years ago is the Oxford style shoe and according to Can Cam’s September 2015 issue, they seem to be here to stay. Unlike true flats, these Oxfords have a small platform to give the wearer a little bit of height.

6. Onepiece Clothing

The term “onepiece” means exactly what the word seems to be: it is one single piece of clothing. These clothes are a top attached to a skirt to give off the illusion of two pieces of clothing, making washing and wearing an easy task.

5. Silver and Gold Shoe Accents

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but gold and silver keep her grounded. What would an outfit be without a little something to dress it up? Metallic colors add a bit of flare to an otherwise drawl or plain outfit.

4. Duffle Coats

Currently, these longer-than-usual duffle coats not only give the wearer extra warmth, but also provides a perfect blend of Eastern and Western styles. The latest issue of Soup shows two models in “plain color” duffle coats for a blend of both a casual and a relaxing style.

3. Off Shoulder Shirts

These ruffle off shoulder shirts were all the rage in the Spring and Summer months. Not only did this eye-catching shoulder exposure top turn heads, but they also gave the wearer a way to cool down amidst hot temperatures.

2. Sandal Platforms

For those who live in warm climates, socks and sandals don’t always mix well together. However, Japanese designers have given these platform sandals a good amount of height and comfort. They could be worn to the beach or on city streets.

1. Pastel Colors

One of the most prolific trends in Japanese culture this year is pastel colors. Whether the season was Winter, Spring, Fall, or Summer, pastel colors were added to nearly every single clothing option. Pastels have made it into sweaters, shoes, socks, dresses, and anything wearable. This trend is slowly making its way to America but is still largely associated with Spring. Who knows? Maybe soft pastel colors will hit the nearest Forever 21 later in 2016!


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